Our Vision

Our world is changing and in great need of conscious ethical leaders who prepare for tomorrow.

The Global Coaching Group's vision is to develop and inspire leaders and their organizations to achieve extraordinary results and sustainable growth in a healthy and humane way by aligning people, purpose and profit.

We attract and retain exceptional coaches around the world who enjoy working as part of a global team and genuinely want to make a difference.

Our Mission

We are responsible to our clients: the managers and leaders, their teams, and human resource specialists. We unstintingly give our best in the delivery of quality services and excellent results. We work in a partnership of trust with our clients. Our ambition is to respect each other, develop together, and to arrive at sustainable success.

We are responsible to the coaches who work for us throughout the world. Each one is considered a unique individual. We respect their dignity and culture, and recognize their strengths. Compensation must be fair and adequate. Together we are guided by our common vision, values, and ethical standards.

Our values

We are a value-based group of Coaches. Our values guide our decisions and behaviour. Living by our values is everyone's responsibility.

  • Quality - Everything we offer is of high quality and in our clients' best interest
  • Care beyond contract - We always reflect upon what else can be done for our clients today to actively prepare for tomorrow
  • Trust and partnership - We value honesty, reliability and competence within our network and in working with our clients
  • Humanity - We treat everyone with respect and dignity
  • Evolution - We are committed to lifelong learning and personal and organizational growth
  • Meaning - We want to make a difference in this world and are passionate about our work and profession