Team & Organization

Coaching is frequently connected with a one-on-one context. We increasingly recognize the trend to use this powerful method for teams and organizations in order to support change and organizational development. As your external and neutral partner our objective is to help you to achieve "deep impact" results on business and people.

High-performance cross-cultural teams on a local, regional or global level are crucial to success. What follows are examples of how we work with teams and organizations:

Team development - Teams develop in different stages; we support you in aligning existing or new teams.

Project Coaching - Some of your projects are of key importance; there is no room for failure. An objective external coach works with your team to achieve optimal results.

Coaching for the Executive Board - Your executive board drives the future of your organization. Non-alignment on this level could have a significant impact on your business. Our executive coaches have the experience, poise and personality to work at this level.

Coaching Across Cultures - Many teams in multinational organizations face intercultural challenges between countries, nationalities or divisions. We help you to bridge cultural gaps and leverage your diversity.

Change Management and Organizational Development - Coaching itself manages change. The global market demands constant change from people, organizations and systems. We define and create customized coaching solutions so that you can implement the right change at the right time.