Quality Assurance

The Quality of our Coaches and Services is extremely important to us. Everything we do is focused on providing excellence and value to your organization. To that end we have established a comprehensive Quality Assurance Process. Our objective is to provide evidence which establishes confidence among all concerned, that high-quality activities are being delivered effectively. The following planned and systematic actions are the foundation of our Quality Assurance Process:

  • Key Account Management - You will have only one contact person who is responsible for delivering excellent service and quality to your entire organization. This makes your life easier. Instead of dealing with several people, you talk and negotiate with a single person.
  • "Know your client" policy - It is important to us to understand the culture, challenges and business of your organization. Your dedicated Global Key Account Manager will brief every coach about your organization and your needs.
  • "Understand your client" policy - Every client is unique and has different needs and requirements. We take a strategic partnership approach. Your Global Key Account Manager's job is to understand your needs, expectations, and requests. He/She will make sure that all contractual agreements are in place, and that your conditions of satisfaction are defined.
  • Selection of coaches - You want high-quality coaches. We have developed a thorough recruitment process to find the best coaches for you.
  • Review and evaluation of coaches - Your opinion is important to us. Based on your feedback (from HR and coachees) we will review our coaches and take any actions necessary. An additional factor is our regular review of Global Coaching Group's working relationship with each coach.
  • Client reviews - We are interested in your feedback and level of satisfaction. We want to learn and continuously grow our partnership with you. Your Key Account Manager will meet semi-annually with you to review the working relationship.
  • Contractual agreements with our coaches - In order to deliver excellent service each party must be aware of all relevant rights and responsibilities. We have a written contract with each of our coaches.
  • Best Practise - You are part of a complex organization. We have established Best Practices and Processes in order to define the most efficient (requiring the least amount of effort) and effective (yielding optimal results) way to provide global coaching solutions.
  • Reporting Infrastructure - We offer you an ICT-platform which will place all requisite information at your fingertips. You will have a comprehensive overview of your coaches, coachees, money spent, results, and evaluation of coaching in your organization.
  • Supervision and quality circles - All of our coaches have external or internal supervision. Your Key Account Manager regularly communicates with all coaches working for you. Quality and feedback to the client is always on our agenda.
  • Responsibility and Commitment - Each coach acts in accordance with the vision, mission, values, and ethical standards of the Global Coaching Group.