Code of Ethics

The ethical foundation of our profession is a central cornerstone in providing superior coaching services. All of our coaches adhere to the ethical standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF). You can trust that we are aware of the inherent ethical dilemmas of our profession and that we will arrive at the "right" ethical decisions at the right time.
The ICF is committed to providing a forum where the public can bring complaints about alleged unethical conduct by ICF members and ICF credentialed coaches. The ICF adopted a policy and set of procedures that provide for review, investigation and response to alleged unethical practices or behaviour deviating from the established ICF Code of Ethics. To implement this policy, the ICF has created an Ethical Conduct Review process, which is intended to:

  • serve as a "model of excellence" for all practicing professional coaches for fair review and resolution of complaints concerning the ethical conduct of ICF member and ICF credentialed coaches; and
  • be responsive to complaints from the public concerning experiences believed to be violations of the ICF Code of Ethics by ICF members and ICF credentialed coaches