We are first and foremost partners with our clients

  • We are a group of over 50 executive and business coaches who specialize in providing outstanding executive coaching services coupled with local expertise and know-how to multinational companies.
  • Our coaches have business backgrounds and are well versed in management and leadership
  • They are trained by the world's leading coaching schools and maintain high professional and ethical standards in their work
  • Each and every one of us is committed to working as a global team to serve our clients
  • We share a passion for our profession and enjoy working in international and culturally diverse business areas
  • Our focus is on the coaching and development of leaders by offering premium value, service and quality to our customers
  • Our clients are the leading multinationals of this evolving world
  • They expect impeccable service while looking for long-term solutions and sustainable results
  • Their preference is to work responsibly, in equal partnership, on a shared vision

Christa Schöning Axel wallem
Christa Schoening, MCC
CEO of
Global Coaching Group
Axel Wallem
COO of
Global Coaching Group