HR Partnering

Based on new market and business requirements, the role of human resources departments is shifting away from purely administrative to functioning as a strategic business partner. To introduce coaching and a coaching culture into an existing global organization is a significant challenge; this is also true for taking coaching to the next level in your organization. We distinguish between tactical, strategic and integrated approaches to coaching.

Based on your kind of business with its particular needs, the Global Coaching Group supports you with tailored coaching solutions. We determine the coaching concepts and design the necessary procedures to introduce coaching into your organization. In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Global coaching pool according to specific client requirements
  • Successful match of coach and client
  • Successful match of coach and coachee
  • Coaching activity reporting
  • Evaluation of coaching results
  • Research on coaching

We aim to put all coaching-relevant topics at your finger tips. You can benefit from our vast international experience acquired in multiple coaching projects around the world.